Fight Male Baldness with Tattooing from A Brisbane Professional

Don’t be forced to choose between the hundreds of different treatments for hair loss any more. Cosmetic Collective makes the decision simple and easy. Our scalp tattoos are a simple, non-surgical alternative to complex procedures such as hair plugs, special shampoos and more exotic treatments.

Using the latest technology in conjunction with some of the most experienced and professional technicians in Brisbane, we help to restore a natural look. Many men are reassured by the directness and simplicity of the treatment. This procedure is a world apart from the home remedies, shopping channel quick-fixes and expensive surgical options usually pushed for male baldness.

A natural-looking scalp tattoo is an effective way to combat hair loss

Also referred to as scalp micropigmentation, these treatments involve injecting small amounts of natural pigments into the epidermal layer of the scalp. When applied repeatedly and carefully, this realistically recreates the look of short hair. Many men suffer from feelings of inferiority or self-consciousness when faced with the prospect of losing their hair; our treatment helps them feel confident in their own skin again.

When caught early, this procedure helps to hide hair loss, even in longer hair. Careful application to existing bald spots enables men to style their hair over the treated area while avoiding the classic, obvious comb-over look. To better emulate the original colour of the follicles, our technicians can tattoo in multiple shades, ensuring the most realistic appearance possible.

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Start a discussion with our experienced staff today to discover how we can help you achieve the look you want. From eyebrow feathering for an enhanced, thicker appearance to permanent make-up helping you stay your most gorgeous, we provide it all from our three clinics in Brisbane.

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