Cosmetic Tattoo Art

Competitively priced cosmetic tattoo art.

Enjoy beautifully contoured lips,  perfectly shaped eyebrows and highly defined eyes, thanks to our cosmetic tattooing services in Brisbane.

Para-Medical and Scalp Aesthetics Essential to a consultation POA

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all cosmetic tattooing appointments require a Perfection Visit

Feather Touch Brows

Life like hair strokes are flawlessly feathered into shape leaving you with realistic brows


Ombre Brows

Ombre effect a subtle colour of lowlights and highlights that transition adding depth to the brow the final result, perfectly powdered brows 24/7.


3D Brows

Life like hair strokes flawlessly positioned over a subtle powdered brow.


Hybrid Brows

Natural hair strokes in the front, fading to a defined, powdered arch and tail.


Eyeliner & Lips

all cosmetic tattooing appointments require a Perfection Visit

Upper Eyeliner

Elegant eyeliner to awaken the eyes


Lower Eyeliner

Smudge proof eyeliner, that stays perfectly in place all day.


Upper & Lower Eyeliner

The perfect combination.


Lash Enhancement

Creates the illusion of thicker lashes


Lip Line

Add definition, create balance


Lip Line & Blend

Restore volume and infuse colour


Artisan Lip Stain

The perfect pout, full lip tint of your favourite colour


Touch Ups and Senior/Intermediate Artists

Perfection Visit

4-8 weeks later to make all final adjustments to your newly healed tattoo


Colour Boost

Adding longevity and vitality to your cosmetic tattoo 6 – 18 months later

$250 – $350

Senior Artist

less $100 from full price

Intermediate Artist

less $200 from full price


Breast and Areola Restoration

Permanent makeup can be used to fashion a more natural look after breast reconstruction surgery by creating the illusion of a lifelike areola and nipples

Price: POA

Scalp Aesthetics

Scalp micro-pigmentation gives the illusion of hairs follicle replication without having to risk expensive invasive surgery. Scalp aesthetics blends replicating hair follicles creating a completely natural looking hair line and is vitally undetected to the naked eyes.

Price: POA

Scar Camouflage

Liberation from the embarrassment of unsightly scars and natural skin imperfections. Permanent makeup provides a finishing touch to surgical procedures, camouflaging scars and burns.

Price: POA


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