Permanent Eyebrow Feathering Treatments in Brisbane

Frame and accentuate your eyes with our advanced cosmetic procedures and modern makeup techniques. At Cosmetic Collective, we can lift and balance your facial features with our permanent eyebrow tattooing treatments. Whether your brows are too thick, unruly or asymmetrical, our beauty therapists can create perfectly sculptured eyebrows that will highlight your bone structure.

Feather touch eyebrow tattoos

Feathering is an advanced makeup technique that involve a high level of precision and skill. Using a small handheld tool, our beauticians will tattoo hairline strokes along your brows to create a natural, feathered look. They do this using an iron oxide pigment that stains the surface of your skin. With the utmost care and attention to detail, we style and shape feather touch eyebrows, so they seamlessly blend into your existing hairs. To make our clients as comfortable as possible, we use anesthetic while tattooing sensitive areas.

Customised eyebrow tattooing

Cosmetic Collective will custom design the shape, position and size of your feather eyebrow tattoo to complement your eye shape, bone structure and facial contours. We also select ink to match your natural colouring and existing brows. Whether you are after a subtle or dramatic effect, our talented beauticians can create the look your desire.

Aftercare instructions for your brows

Our permanent feathering treatments are immediately effective and require little downtime. Following a feather brow tattoo, we recommend that you use our aftercare products and try not to touch your face for the first 24 hours. To achieve maximum results, you need to avoid exfoliating scrubs, swimming pools and saunas over the next two weeks. You should also note that our tattoos will look darker immediately following the procedure and will gradually soften over time.

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If you would like to book a permanent eyebrow tattooing treatment in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to get in touch online. Alternatively, you can call our Cleveland clinic on 07 3286 1744 or Mitchelton salon on 07 3172 5551.